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Nice Street Art. Take a look in all image.

Type Bookstore. Books will be alive after hours.  Campaign in Toronto.

ESCAPE BUTTON. See the Objetive: São Paulo’s 17th International Contemporary Art Festival created an online tool for people to escape from their virtual routines, that habit of checking out thousands of times the same websites every day. By logging on to it is possible to install this escape button by dragging the escape icon onto the toolbar of the browser. When clicked, it takes you, randomly, to several different websites, articles, images and videos recommended by the festival’s artists, including special guest Olafur Eliasson. The purpose of this web button was to inform users of the various artists that will be at the festival.

No comments, those guys know how to make a reaction.

Inspiring messages in posters, for everyone. Take a Look.


Homage pushpin portrait in honor of the founder, David Ogilvy by Ogilvy & Mather’s Chicago office

The Ogilvy and Mather Chicago office has long used pushpins and foam core boards to display new work, and now they’ve created a salute to their founder using the same materials. Concepted by art director Brian Thibodeau and writer Bill Wanek, the iconic picture was constructed using only red, yellow, blue, black, and white pins. The entire agency lent a hand, which is a good thing because each of the over 33,000 pushpins had to be pushed in one at a time. Bill and Brian worked together with John Eiberger (design architect), Dan Delaney (producer), and Nicholas Beaudet (director of photography). Shot and edited by Jill Vanc and Petr Novak of Eyepatch Chicago. Paul Bessenbacher and the team at Emoto Los Angeles composed the musical piece, while Dean Hovey of Soundwell contributed to the sonic landscape.

Billboard advertising can occasionally shock us with totally unexpected visuals.

Algumas vezes propaganda em outdoor pode nos chocar com visuais inesperados.

Everyday a new way to make art. Japanese style of course.

Todo dia um novo modo de fazer arte. Claro, da forma japonesa.

Welcome the creature of the urban world. Take a look and use.

Criaturas do mundo urbano, Bem vindos. Dê uma olhada e utilize.