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Time to save some hair. hahahaha

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The Chandon takes the summer to build relationships with consumers in Brazil. The brand promotesChandon Bubble Bar 2012, which will be serving customers in Carnival 2012. It is a temporary action but inTivoli Ecoresort Praia do Forte is a permanent. Bubble Bar

Imagine you in middle of a Station and the Soccer game starts. That´s what Samsung did.

A video showing an action from Association of Parents of Victims of the Road.

Ação de ambiente externo para divulgar website no Reino Unido. Pequenas flechas com textos tipo “Tinha esperança de captar sua atenção, “Eu estava mirando em você”.

Outdoor Ambient idea to promote website  in United Kingdom. Little arrows with some messages like “I was hopping to catch your attention”, “I was aiming for you”.

Another Picture here 

Here´s another

Fornecedor de acesso a internet SKYNET inova com marketing de ambiente show de bola.

Internet provider SKYNET with some ambient marketing. Show.

Another Image Here

Ação externa para o Grupo Correos na Espanha. Zapping/M & CSaatchi Evento prometeram enpacotar a estátua de Isabel II no meio do Place de l’Opera em Madri. Marketing de ambiente externo de primeira. Isso causou muita reação. Muito bom.

Outdoor Action to the Grupo Correos. Zapping/M & CSaatchi Evento promised pack the statue of Isabel II in the middle of the Place de l´Opera in Madri. Ambient Marketing bombing my friends. This caused a lot of reaction. Very Nice.