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Fiat Campaign against the drinking and drive attitude. Very Nice!!


Love this guerilla campaign for Axe/Lynx!

Time to save some hair. hahahaha

Pic 2

Honda makes an ambient marketing in the markets. ;)

Intervention in New York. Time to go to Jamaica. ;)

Pic 2

Pic 3


ANDES makes the great escape.

Muito boa a ação de guerrilla.

Angry Birds to Space. NICE! hahaha

Pic 2

Pic 3

Mercedes Benz and Viano. Nice. Interactive.




Advertising Agency: Efekt, USA
Art Director: Christian Guthier
Copywriter: AMP
Illustrator: Christian Guthier

Smart & simple. I like the headlines a lot and the only question that I have is if the call to action is strong enough in comparison. One way or another, I think it’s fantastic. :)